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Quartermaster General's Office General Orders, No. 71, Sept. 5, 1866

Roll of Honor

Names of Soldiers


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SurnameGivenRankRegimentCompanyDeath DateBurial PlaceColorMore Data
ABRAMSAlbertPrivate13th Mich.H03 May 1865 of diseaseDetroitWhite1
AIKENGeorge L. 19th Mich. Sept. 6, 1862DetroitWhite2
ALLENDavid 5th Wis. June 26, 1865DetroitWhite3
ANDERSONHenryPrivate7th Mich. Cav.MMay 23, 1864DetroitWhite4
ARCHERUzziel B.Private12th Mich.UMar. 22, 1864DetroitWhite5
AUSTINCharlesPrivate8th Mich Cav.BSept. 16, 1865DetroitWhite6
AUSTINDaniel 6th Mich. Art. Mar. --- 1864DetroitWhite7
BAGLEYJeffersonPrivate1st Mich. Sharp ShootersBAug. 30, 1863DetroitWhite8
BAKERDavidPrivate10th Mich. Cav.DNov. 17, 1863 diseaseDetroitWhite9
BAKERCharles H.Private11th Mich. Cav. diseaseUnassignedSept. 24, 1864DetroitWhite10
BALLStephen A.Saddler10th Mich. Cav.LMar. 8, 1864 diseaseDetroitWhite11
BELLPeter S.Sergeant2d Mich.GJune 25, 1864 woundsDetroitWhite12
BENNETTEber C.Private27th Mich.1st SSAug. 31, 1864DetroitWhite13
BENNETTJohn 12th V.R.C. Jan 2, 1865DetroitWhite14
BIRDArthur E..Private18th Mich.IOct. 18, 1862 diseaseDetroitWhite15
BLACKJoseph S.Private1st Mich. LancersHJan. 14, 1862DetroitWhite16
BLANNINFORDAlex 17th Mich. Mar. 17, 1864DetroitWhite17
BOSWELLAbram/AbrahamPrivate7th Mich. Cav.KMay 10, 1864 diseaseJacksonWhite18
BOYLEHinas A. 10th Mich. Cav. Nov. 22, 1863DetroitWhite19
BRADSHAWJoel J. 9th Mich. Cav. May 1, 1863DetroitWhite20
BRENNANHenry 5th Mich. Cav. Oct. 3, 1863DetroitWhite21
BRIGHTThomasPrivate12th Mich.- 1st Inf. Colored RegimentIMar. 25, 1864DetroitWhite/Colored?22
BROOKSG. H. 6th Mich. Cav. Oct. 18, 1862DetroitWhite23
BROWNFrederickBugler10th Mich. Cav.INov. 14, 1864DetroitWhite24
BROWNH. H. Unassigned Jan. 10, 1864DetroitWhite25
BROWNEWm. F. 12th Mich. Mar. 14, 1864DetroitWhite26
BRYSELLJames 2d V. R. C. May 9, 1864DetroitWhite27
BRYANOrville 10th Mich. Feb. 20, 1865DetroitWhite28
BRYANTChas. H. 26th Mich. Feb. 21, 1865DetroitWhite29
BUFFAMBenj. 26th Mich. Nob. 18, 1862DetroitWhite30