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1st Michigan Colored Infantry - 102nd U.S. Colored Troops

Your Chosen County List of Soldiers

SurnameGivenEnlistment DateEnlistment PlaceCounty Or StateAgeRegimentCompanyNotes
BenhamHenry D.  Unknown Field and Staff1st MI C.I.1st Lieutenant
BenjaminDavid C.Nov. 26 1863 Unknown341st MI C.I.B 
BennettWilliam T.  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
BowlesWilliamAug. 3 1864 UnknownAge 301st MI C.I.A 
CoatsNoyce  Unknown4358th U.S.C.I.  
CorinRobert  Unknown 54th U.S.C.I.  
CorinsBenjaminJan. 21 1864 Unknown181st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
CoxNewell  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Aalias John Williams other first name Noel
CraigLewisAug. 1 1864 Unknown291st MI C.I.D 
CrumpHenryNov. 22 1864 Unknown381st MI C.I.C 
DavisCharlesOct. 18 1864 Unknown351st MI C.I.H 
DouglasStephen  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
GilbertJames H.  Unknown Field and Staff1st MI C.I.2nd Lieutenant
GreenIsaacNov. 24 1863New FlorenceUnknown291st MI C.I.E 
HammondRix  Unknown311st MI C.I.I 
HaneyCharles A.Aug. 2 1864 Unknown191st MI C.I.E 
HarrisHenryAug. 25 1864 Unknown181st MI C.I.D 
HenryAnthonyOct. 4 1864 UnknownAge 181st MI C.I.A 
HersslerHenry  Unknown 1st MI C.I.UnnassignedOther Data
HolmesJohn  Unknown 1st MI C.I.UnnassignedOther Data
JeffersonReuben T.Nov. 27 1863New FlorenceUnknown321st MI C.I.E 
JewettEdward S. NilesUnknown Field and Staff1st MI C.I.1st Lieutenant
LieberAlbertJan. 20 1864 Unknown 1st MI C.I.Iresidence Chicago Illinois promoted to officer
LumpkinsGeorgeJan. 22 1864 Unknown241st MI C.I.I 
MarshallEphriamOct. 3 1864 Unknown401st MI C.I.D 
MatthewsWilliam  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
MillerThomasAug. 26 1864MagnoliaUnknown191st MI C.I.K 
MorrisGeorgeAug. 5 1864 Unknown181st MI C.I.E 
NealElishaAug. 19 1864 Unknown181st MI C.I.E 
NelsonWilber ArcadaUnknown 1st MI C.I.ICaptain
PerynceHenry  Unknown 1st MI C.I.UnnassignedOther Data
PlattJames W.Dec. 11 1863 Unknown331st MI C.I.G 
PorterJamesOct. 6 1864 Unknown201st MI C.I.EPossibly More Data
PorterWilliamFeb. 14 1865 Unknown301st MI C.I.KPossibly More Data
PoseyAbnerNov. 18 1864 Unknown261st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
RedmanWillesOct. 1 1864 Unknown22102nd U.S.C.T.C 
RichmondWillisOct 6 1864 Unknown191st MI C.I.E 
RobertsIsaacJan. 27 1865 Unknown381st MI C.I.K 
SpeirsWilliam W.  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
StevensWilliamSept. 29 1864 Unknown381st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
StreightWilliam P.  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Idied on 28 Dec 1864 at Beaufort SC
TallafearoWilliam P.Oct. 30 1863 Unknown241st MI C.I.E 
TaylorJ. R.  Unknown46123rd U.S.C.I.  
ThompsonJohn F.  Unknown 1st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
ThorntonHenrySept. 29 1864 Unknown381st MI C.I.G 
TurnerJohnOct. 12 1864 Unknown301st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
WashingtonGeorge  Unknown 1st MI C.I.UnnassignedOther Data
WashingtonGeorge E.Dec. 22 1863 Unknown191st MI C.I.G 
WhiteJohnOctober 17 1864 Unknown211st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
WilliamsJohnOct. 17 1864 UnknownAge 191st MI C.I.A 

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