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1st Michigan Colored Infantry - 102nd U.S. Colored Troops

Your Chosen County List of Soldiers

SurnameGivenEnlistment DateEnlistment PlaceCounty Or StateAgeRegimentCompanyNotes
AshWilliam H.Jan. 28 1865Grand RapidsKentAge 221st MI C.I.A 
BaileyIsaacJan. 30 1865Grand RapidsKentAge 361st MI C.I.A 
BarkerThomas M. Grand RapidsKent 1st MI C.I.HCaptain
BirtonHenry S.Oct. 19 1863LowellKent441st MI C.I.B 
BryantEmory D. Grand RapidsKent 1st MI C.I.H1st Lieutenant
BurnhamJohnApril 13 1865Grand RapidsKent2613th U.S.C.A.  
ChinnCharles A.Nov. 4 1863Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
CiscoAmosFeb. 23 1865Grand RapidsKent381st MI C.I.B 
DavisAaronSept. 3 1864Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.G 
GravesCharlesJan. 27 1865Grand RapidsKent201st MI C.I.K 
GriffithCaleb LowellKent Field and Staff1st MI C.I.2nd Lieutenant
GuyBenjamin F.Aug. 31 1864Grand RapidsKent271st MI C.I.I 
GuyElijah H.Aug. 31 1864Grand RapidsKent241st MI C.I.I 
HamiltonJamesDec. 28 1863Grand RapidsKent281st MI C.I.H 
HarrodLeonardFeb. 17 1864Grand RapidsKent431st MI C.I.G 
InghamDavidSept. 1 1864Grand RapidsKent181st MI C.I.H 
JeffersonGeorge W.Feb. 29 1864Grand RapidsKent351st MI C.I.I 
JonesCharlesOct. 3 1864Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.K 
JonesCharlesApril 5 1865Grand RapidsKent3713th U.S.C.A.  
LettSamuelAug. 31 1864Grand RapidsKent261st MI C.I.GPhoto
LettsHenryFeb. 18 1865Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.D 
ManlyAndrewOct. 21 1863LowellKent441st MI C.I.B 
ManlyJames W.Oct. 21 1863LowellKent291st MI C.I.B 
ManningJohnSept. 1 1864Grand RapidsKent271st MI C.I.K 
MorleyFosterOct. 8 1864Grand RapidsKent201st MI C.I.C 
OvertonWilliamFeb. 16 1865Grand RapidsKent321st MI C.I.E 
ReedAlvinJan. 30 1865Grand RapidsKent221st MI C.I.E 
ReedElijahJan. 30 1865Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.F 
ReedElishaJan. 30 1865Grand RapidsKent271st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
ReedJeremiahJan. 30 1865Grand RapidsKent281st MI C.I.E 
RobisonCaptainApril 4 1865Grand RapidsKent3013th U.S.C.A.  
SprigginsThomasAug. 25 1864Grand RapidsKentAge 171st MI C.I.A 
StoneburnerGeorge W. Grand RapidsKent 1st MI C.I.K2nd Lieutenant
SwanaganAmosJan. 24 1865Grand RapidsKent231st MI C.I.F 
TaylorJesseJan. 5 1865Grand RapidsKent301st MI C.I.G 
ValentineShadrickSept. 2 1864Grand RapidsKent321st MI C.I.Unnassigned 
VondWilliam SpartaKent4313th U.S.C.A.  
WashingtonAndrewFeb. 29 1864Grand RapidsKent191st MI C.I.I 

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