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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AdamsJames LeonidasSt. Joseph
AdamsJohn Village of ConstantineSt. Joseph 
AkeyAlfred Village of CentrevilleSt. Joseph 
AlexanderJ.M.Village of SturgisSt. Joseph 
AlexanderOrra Village of MendonSt. Joseph 
AllenAbrahamB.Village of SturgisSt. Joseph 
AlvordCebourne Village of MendonSt. Joseph 
AmidonEdmundS.Village of SturgisSt. Joseph 
AndersonJohn ColonSt. Joseph 
AndersonJosephD.SturgisSt. Joseph 
AndressMarion FlowerfieldSt. Joseph 
AndrewsBishopE.Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
AnthonyHenryL.Village of SturgisSt. Joseph 
ArnoldBenj.E.Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
ArthurHenryS.LockportSt. Joseph 
ArtleyBenj.F.FabiusSt. Joseph 
AveryJames FabiusSt. Joseph 
AyresJohnG. K.ParkSt. Joseph 
BabcockD.A.FabiusSt. Joseph 
BackusAlmon Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BairdChauncey LockportSt. Joseph 
BakerFred Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BalderyF.C.LeonidasSt. Joseph 
BallingerSilas Village of ConstantineSt. Joseph 
ballueJohn Fawn RiverSt. Joseph 
BarkerB.V.LeonidasSt. Joseph 
BarkerM.H.LeonidasSt. Joseph 
BarneyIsaacK.FlowerfieldSt. Joseph 
BarnhartJohn Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BarryHerbert MottvilleSt. Joseph 
BartonAlbertG.Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BartonGeo. Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BatesHavey LeonidasSt. Joseph 
BearrsJohn Village of MendonSt. Joseph 
BechtelChas. Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BechtelWm. ConstantineSt. Joseph 
BeckwithPembrokeS.NottawaSt. Joseph 
BeckwithSilas Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BeebeHenry Village of MendonSt. Joseph 
BeersLovenski FlowerfieldSt. Joseph 
BeersS. FlowerfieldSt. JosephYes
BellmanFredA.Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
Belotejames Village of CentrevilleSt. Joseph 
BeloteLewis ColonSt. Joseph 
BenedictJ.M.LeonidasSt. Joseph 
bennettEdgar ColonSt. Joseph 
bennettSamuel Village of MendonSt. Joseph 
BergerDaniel Village of SturgisSt. Joseph 
BerryThomas Village of Three RiversSt. Joseph 
BillingsJohnD.NottawaSt. Joseph 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.