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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AllenJohn Village of Iron RiverIron 
BachMartin Village of Crystal FallsIron 
BachMartin MastodonIron 
BakerHenry Village of Crystal FallsIron 
BonowJohn Crystal FallsIron 
BoyingtonAndrew Village of Iron RiverIron 
BradleyPatrick Crystal FallsIron 
BrownPatrick Crystal FallsIron 
CampbellCharles Village of Crystal FallsIron 
CarrV. Village of Crystal FallsIron 
ChaffeeWilliamS.Crystal FallsIron 
CowenGeorge HematiteIron 
EaganWilliamE.Crystal FallsIron 
EgglestonSeymour Village of Iron RiverIron 
EldredReuben Village of Crystal FallsIron 
FowlerJames HematiteIron 
FribleyHiramG.Crystal FallsIron 
FryRobertJ.Village of Iron RiverIron 
HicksPeter MansfieldIron 
KleinRobert MansfieldIron 
LaPlantMeade Crystal FallsIron 
MaddenJohn StambaughIron 
McDermittClarence Village of Iron RiverIron 
MisslerJulius Village of Crystal FallsIron 
MorairetyJames Village of Crystal FallsIron 
MorrisonJohn Village of Crystal FallsIron 
OakesGeorge Crystal FallsIron 
OakesGeorge Village of Crystal FallsIron 
OsborneJames Village of Crystal FallsIron 
ParksJohnH.Village of Crystal FallsIron 
PaulPeter AtkinsonIron 
PeaseGeorge StambaughIron 
PetersonOrlando HematiteIron 
PhalenGeorge AtkinsonIron 
PlattA.B.Village of Crystal FallsIron 
StowelMilon Crystal FallsIron 
SunderlandRobert Crystal FallsIron 
TromblaWiliam Crystal FallsIron 
WhippleWilliam Village of Crystal FallsIron 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.