Detroit Free Press Favorite

Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AckerLevi GarfieldGrand Traverse 
AdsitBenjamin Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
AlbrightAlonzoJ.Village of Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
AldrichGeorgeE.GrantGrand Traverse 
AndersonJacobM.Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
AndersonSamuel Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
ArnoldJamesH.Village of KingsleyGrand Traverse 
AtkinsonJohnJ.Long LakeGrand Traverse 
AveryHarvey GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BakerEliasE.Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BaldwinMonroe ParadiseGrand Traverse 
BarberJohn Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BareFelixE.GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BarrT.C.Green LakeGrand Traverse 
BeavisEdmund Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BeckerJeremiah Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BeebeJohnF.WhitewaterGrand Traverse 
BeebeP. GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BellPeter Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BeltElnathan Village of Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
BenceDavid Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
BenhamHenry Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BennettCaleb GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BlaksleyPeterW.GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BondeauVarlissa Village of Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
BonnellJohnM.BlairGrand Traverse 
BowersAlford Village of KingsleyGrand Traverse 
BowmanAdolphus WhitewaterGrand Traverse 
BoyntonAlbertL.UnionGrand Traverse 
BoyntonAsa Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BraceWilliam Village of Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
BrakelWiliam BlairGrand Traverse 
BrinkmanHenryK.PeninsulaGrand Traverse 
BrownSamuel Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
BrownellCourtland GarfieldGrand Traverse 
BrownsonMyronS.Village of KingsleyGrand Traverse 
BryantMiles Village of Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
ByersR.N.BlairGrand Traverse 
CalhoonJohnT.Village of KingsleyGrand Traverse 
CallSilasE.BlairGrand Traverse 
CampbellGeorgeN.Fife LakeGrand Traverse 
CarlJohnJ.GrantGrand Traverse 
CarlisleDavid PeninsulaGrand Traverse 
CarpenterA.D.AcmeGrand Traverse 
CarpenterJoseph Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
CarpenterTheronE.WhitewaterGrand Traverse 
CarverO.P.Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverseyes
ChalenderWilliam BlairGrand Traverse 
ChaseEdgarE.Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 
ChaseIncrease Village of Traverse CityGrand Traverse 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.