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People Who Have Helped

The following people have donated books, transcriptions, or scans of school data to this site. Thanks to them our database has grown large and data is here to upload more names for visitors to this site.

  • Bohinski, Patrick - 1935 Legenda - scanned, formatted and transcribed an all name index.
  • Brennan, Kim - Transcribed the 1895 East Saginaw High School underclassmen.
  • Elliott, Susan - 1941 Midland High School, Midland Michigan seniors
  • Hamp, Carol - 1926, 1929, 1933 Ursuline Academy of St. Ignace Michigan donated
  • Hamp, Harold - Donated 1950 Riverdale Rams for scanning and indexing.
  • Hamp, Carol - 1932 Commencement list of LaSalle High School, St. Ignace.
  • Hoff-Grambau, Donna - Founder of project and transcription of numerous books.
  • Johnson, Hugh - 1940 and 1941 Indexes of Senior Class from The Oak yearbook of Royal Oak
  • Kirkey, Dorothy - Donated Ithaca yearbooks for scanning and indexing.
  • McClain, Joyce - Donated many yearbooks to be indexed for Isabella County
  • Pritchard, Marian - 1924 Dearborn High School - transcribed students and alumni.
  • Private, Lynn - Index of Bay City Central yearbook.
  • Sentell, Linda - 1924 Tell Tale Yearbook from Holly High School, Holly, Oakland Co., Michigan
  • Sentell, Linda - 1924 yearbook for Holly, Oakland County, Michigan
  • Symons, Liz - Transcription of names for the 1913 East Saginaw High School yearbook
  • Veenstra, Carl W. - 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948 Ottawa Hills High School Graduates from the Legend
  • Veenstra, Carl W. - 1946 Grand Rapids Christian High School Graduates from the Memoir
  • Wazny-Hamp, Patricia - Many yearbooks, scanning, formatting site and database, and indexing books.
  • Wilson, Sherrye - The Reflector 1944/45

If you would like to donate to this project please contact us.

Typing is the main thing needed for this project. If you have an old yearbook or two, and are willing to type the names out please let us know. We have an simple spreadsheet or table we use, that you can type the names into. All you need is a office type program on your computer such as Open Office, MS Office, etc. You can also put type the names into a text file if you are adventurous.

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Volunteers Who Have Submitted Data

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