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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 SERGT. LEON L. KERR Serial No. 2,026,420 837 Margaret St., Flint, Mich. Was inducted December 31, 1917. In civilian life he was a telegraph operator and worked for the Bell Telephone Company as branch manager. Upon the command learning his qualifications he was transferred to Brigade Headquarters, where he received and sent messages for the General. He was placed as head of the entire Radio operations. He was a man of capacity and character, which justified the responsibility placed on him. At Pont-a-Mousson the Battery being short of Sergeants, Kerr was re-assigned to our outfit but remained on detached service with Brigade Headquarters until we reached Brest. He was then returned to duty with the Battery for discharge. During the few weeks he was with the Battery he circulated among the men and became very popular with them. We were proud that one of our number had become head of the Brigade radio service. Page sixty-nine

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