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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 CORP. JOSEPH W. DECAIRE Serial No. 2,026 560 Unionville, Mich. Was inducted September 29, 1917. He attended Cooks’ School, at Custer, and was made cook, and on May 7, 1918, Decaire was sent to Bakers’ School, acting as Battery Baker and Cook until we reached Camp Coetquidan. Decaire feared that he would not be doing the full duties of a soldier unless he was detailed to a more combative line of duty. On his own request, made to the Captain, he was reduced to Private, and attended the machine Gun School and was one of Corp. Whalen’s “Vengeance Nine” throughout all of our activities in the battle line. At Pont-a-Mousson, immediately after hostilities, Decaire was again detailed to the kitchen as cook; and when they established the Cocoa and Doughnut Station at the Hippodrome under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A., Colonel Hopkins made Decaire the Cook to create doughnuts for the regiment. We will all remember those luscious dough nuts. He was of French descent and could converse with the French. Had wonderful strength, though short of stature. Of a sanguine temperament and could crack jokes for the entertainment of all. On our return to Camp Mills Decaire was promoted to Corporal. Partly through his desire to be a “fighting soldier,’’ as well as his ability to cook, he had a varied experience, being everything from Buck Private to Corporal.

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