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Marriage Record
Performed by Rev. Nathaniel Dickey

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MarriageDate1894 November 20
GroomGivenPerry E.
TranscriptNo. 70 $3.00 Perry E. Richerson of Dansville, Michgan, age 32 years. Rachel Simons of Dansville, Michigan, age 44 years. The above were united in marriage at Dansville, Michigan, November 20th 1894. In presence of Mahala A. Collier of Ingham, Mich. And Emily Sowell of Dansville, Mich. By License. Dansville Circuit. N. Dickie
Source: Original Ledger of Rev. Nathaniel Dickey Rev. Nathaniel Dickey Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada April 1867 in Ontario, Canada. Michigan in October of 1883 to 1916. Private collection of Patricia Wazny Hamp. Published by Patricia Wazny Hamp 2007 Michigan Family History Network.
Records from the private collection of Patricia Wazny-Hamp. Transcription donated and copyrighted © 2007 for the use of Michigan Family History Network only.